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"This is such an adorable and relaxing game. I got it when looking for a meditation app and I love their meditations. They are so relaxing and really help me to work on focusing and breathing." -JadeHuntress23

"I’ve been meditating on and off for over 20 years, and I can’t remember the last time I so easily fell into a deep meditative state. And it’s so fun to create your island; it keeps me engaged." -SallyPVR

"This app is great for meditating. It's fun building my own island using the rewards and the Spirit is an added bonus." -tobyVRQuest2

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Welcome to Maloka, an enchanted world where practice meets play!

Travel to your own personal island and embark on an immersive mindfulness journey like no other. Maloka’s dreamy visuals maximize activation of low Beta and Theta brain waves, helping to easily bring you into a state of flow.

As your journey unfolds, earn rewards to customize your personal island into a vibrant oasis of plants, sculptures, and more. And you’re never alone: when you join the Malokaverse, you’ll unite with your own custom Spirit who guides and grows with you.

Bree Trials VR During Port Access Procedure using MALOKA | VRforHealth.com VR Pediatric Cancer Pilot


Featured as one of "The 14 Best Meditation Apps to Download Right Now" in Allure