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  • With which headsets are your applications compatible? Does your company provide headsets as part of the offering?
  • All in one Product: Headset + App
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  • "My child has had over 300 procedures. This was the first time he has not cried" Parent of a 5-year-old

    “It’s a game-changer! Patients are much calmer with Smileyscope, making our job faster and easier” Nurse Manager

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  • Bear Institute’s Pediatric Award for Patient Education
  • Certification | Regulatory Status | Bibliography

  • Does your company have any third party certifications, such as ISO?
  • Smileyscope is manufactured to the highest standards and is both CE and ISO certified.
  • For your main product or application, specify the name, regulatory status, and the reimbursement status, per country where it is available
  • Smileyscope has regulatory approval in multiple countries across the globe including the United States, Australia, and the UK.

    Reimbursement of VR is generally driven by individual payer policies and has not yet been established by CMS.
  • Please provide links to bibliographic references for key published clinical studies for your main product
  • Chan et al, Virtual Reality for Pediatric Needle Procedures: Two Randomized Clinical Trials, Journal of Pediatrics, June 2019

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