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    Product Insights

  • Medical use-case(s)
  • TBI, SCI, Multiple Sclerosis, Guillain barre, Stroke, Parkinsons, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida.

    Cardiovascular: Cardiopulmonary PT (our system has simple breathing exercises and ways to help improve cardiovascular efficiency without the set up time i.e. Lokosprint, fowl play, rhythm therapy

    Orthopedic: Post Knee/hip replacement surgery, frozen shoulder (pre and post mua) general strengthening and conditioning, vestibular rehab, coordination training

    Hospitalist: General Health wellness, chronic pain and anxiety, cognitive training/simulation for returning home, see above neuro and ortho diagnosis (edited)
  • With which headsets are your applications compatible? Does your company provide headsets as part of the offering?
  • Our application are compatible with Pico Neo 2 and 3.
    We provide the hardware as part of our XR Therapy System.
  • Testimonials
  • "There is something about the XR Therapy Systemthat takes the inhibitions out which makes me feel safe within the virtual environment. It makes working out fun because right now when I do my exercises at home, it is kind of boring." Teri Spina Bifida

    "Ever since being introduced to the XR Therapy System I have been wanting to play it everyday. I can feel a really good workout through out my whole body. The best part is, it's fun and takes your mind off of the workout." Sammy SCI C7

    "I've been through a lot of PT, and the XR Therapy System makes a different wat to do it. It takes the monotony out of it and I feel like I am getting a lot out of it. It's more than just a game." Craid SCI T10-12

    "I experienced the feeling of being able to run through the snow using the XR Therapy System. It felt like I was able to run myself. I thought it was really, really cool!" Emma SCI T10-11 

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  • Award Website
  • https://www.neurorehabvr.com/press-releases-1 

  • Certification | Regulatory Status | Bibliography

  • For your main product or application, specify the name, regulatory status, and the reimbursement status, per country where it is available
  • XR Therapy System,
    FDA Registered,
    Can be reimbursed through the system utilization in PT or OT,
    This is regulated and sold in the US only.
  • Please provide links to bibliographic references for key published clinical studies for your main product
  • Case Studies, Research 

About Us

Traditional physical therapy sessions can cause delayed patient results and re-admittances, and lead a therapist wondering if the the patients current plan is helping them recover efficiently from sports injuries, stroke, MS, Parkinson's, and partial paralysis. 

Neuro Rehab VR envisioned a clinic where patients can use the latest technology to keep track of the patients progress in real time, speed up their recovery, and have fun doing it. They have created a Virtual Reality System for hospitals, practices, and clinics to allow therapist to implement the XR Therapy System into their sessions.





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