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Healthy Mind
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Medical use-case(s)
1. Pain and anxiety reduction before, during, and after a medical procedure in healthcare establishments
 2. Work-life quality improvement for caregivers suffering from burnout
 3. Pain and anxiety reduction for patients at home
With which headsets are your applications compatible? Does your company provide headsets as part of the offering?
Healthy Mind VR solution is provided in a ready-to-use package including:
• Fully disinfectable virtual reality headset PICO G2 4K E
• Android control tablet
• High-quality audio headset with noise reduction
• Microphone for personalized hypnosis or to communicate with the patient during an immersion
• Protection and transport bag. Healthy Mind VR is compatible with several other virtual reality headset models, including Oculus.

“I felt like I was on a cloud, with a fabulous, beautiful setting, teleported, transported. To forget everything, to forget my illness, and then forget my condition. Happiness!” Patient in palliative care.  


Palliativ care







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Does your company have any third party certifications, such as ISO?
ISO 13485 – Medical device certification.  Several patents in-process
For your main product or application, specify the name, regulatory status, and the reimbursement status, per country where it is available
Healthy Mind VR is a certified CE Class 1 medical device.
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About Us

Healthy Mind is an ISO 13485 certified company specialized in the development and commercialization of immersive digital therapeutics to reduce pain and anxiety.

Healthy Mind VR, an evidence-based, class I medical device, combines neuroscience, medical hypnosis, and high-quality 3D virtual reality immersion to effectively reduce pain and anxiety of patients and caregivers. 

Over 250 healthcare establishments acknowledge the benefits of this solution and use it routinely before, during, or after painful and/ or stressful medical procedures, across 30 different medical departments. 11 published studies demonstrate the efficiency of the solution.